2022 Spring Shares
  • This year we have made a few changes to our spring flower share offerings! We are really excited about them and hope you will be too! We have broken up the spring share into two parts; the heirloom daffodil share, and the fancy tulip share, or you can bundle both for a discount!


    There are a few reasons why we chose to do this, but one of the main reasons is because daffodils actually leak a toxic sap when they get a fresh cut that diminishes the vase life out of other flowers; tulips are especially sensitive to this! Our goal is always for you to get the most out of our lovingly grown flowers so we feel like this is a smart option to keep the flowers at their happiest!


    Both of these flowers have an amazing vase life tulips often lasting up to 2 weeks in the vase and the daffs about a week. By bundling both the heirloom daffodil share and the tulip share you will be getting 5-6 weeks of beautiful spring blooms and we are offering a discount for the spring bundle! (We are saying 5-6 weeks because there MIGHT be a one week overlap depending when mother nature decides to wake up the bulb varieties. She is the boss, afterall!) Our previous Spring Share was 4 weeks so this elongates your season with these beauties!


    Heirloom daffodils are also one of Kaitlin's absolute favorite flowers, and she wants to highlight how incredible they are all on their own! You will fall in love with these romantic, frilly, scented, beauties!


    We expect the daffodils to start in late March, and the tulips to follow in early-mid April. All share holders will be notified about two weeks before the start of the shares, as soon as we can make an accurate prediction.


    *Food for thought* Easter 2022 is late next year, April 17th. The Spring share will guarantee you flowers for your Easter holiday as we will our subscriptions first before offering additional flowers for pre-order.


    We have partnered with lots of amazing local businesses to pick up your bouquets. Here are the pick up location options:



    LEESBURG: Greenheart Juice Shop, SideBar Coffee, GooseCup, Neighbor's: A Local Market, and farm pick up

    ROUND HILL: More Better Restaurant & Beer Hall

    LOVETTESVILLE: Wheatland Spring Farm and Brewery

    PURCELLVILLE: Walsh Family Wine



    VIENNA: Greenheart Juice Shop

    STERLING: Ridgetop Coffee and Tea

    ASHBURN: Weathervane Coffee & Wine Bar

    ALDIE: Greenheart Juice Shop


    We need around 10 shares to sell per location in order to make that location a pick up spot. If we don't meet our bouquet threshold, there is a chance we will ask you to choose another location, or offer you a refund. So share with your friends and family who might also be interested in a flower share at your preferred location!

    2022 Spring Shares