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Curated Cut Flower Gardens
  • We are so excited to have added a beautiful greenhouse to our property over the winter. Which means we can start thousands more seeds and share them with YOU! These flats will be available for pick up in MAY, Mother's Day weekend (May 12th-14th) and can be planted out directly in your gardens since this will be after the danger of frost in our area. We will keep them snug and happy in our greenhouse until then! These flats would make such a fun Mother's Day gift and will be available for pickup starting that weekend! Since these are grown to order, we need to have all orders in by March 15th!


    We will have three different flower gardens to choose from! Each garden will be 36+ healthy plants ready to take off in your gardens, the zinnia tray will be 72+ seedlings. These are all cut and come again varieties that all do well in our area, and the more you cut them they more they bloom! We will be sending growing information home with each flat and will be available for questions throughout the season as well.



    - Curated Cut Flower Garden: 36+ plants, for a summer full of all of the beautiful flower bounty! These plants will pump out blooms all summer long. You will have counters full of flowers and more to share with family and friends!

    - Cut Flower Garden for DRYING: 36+ plants, this special mix will include flowers you can first enjoy fresh and then dry them for everlasting flowers! Drying info included!

    - Zinnias: 72+ plants, a powerhouse cut flower equally loved by pollinators. These zinnias will be a mix of all of the special ones we grow. The Queen series, Oklahoma, Benary's Giant, and more!

    Varieties included but not limited too: Zinnia: peachy queen life, queen lime with blush, queen lime red, Oklahoma pink, salmon, ivory, zinderalla peach, benaries giant salmon rose, marigold white swan, cosmos: cupcake blush, afternoon white, double click bicolor violet, strawflower silver rose, statice rose shades, gomphrena raspberry cream, yarrow, nicotiana bronze queen, ageratum, scabiosa merlot red, Celosia pink flamingo, Sunday pink, sylphid, celway white, basil ammarotta, cinnamon, lemon basil.

    *Subject to change based on crop success and availability!*


    These flats will all be the same varieties we grow here on the farm. Specialty varieties that you can't find in the big box stores. The cut flowers gardens will be a mix of focal flowers, accent flowers, foliage, and interesting bits that will add whimsy to your arrangements you can cut RIGHT from your own garden! This is going to be so fun!

    Curated Cut Flower Gardens

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