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The Wildflower club is an annual membership with oodles of perks.

What does becoming a Wildflower mean?

- 10% off of all flower purchases, including subscriptions and flower truck sales!

- Access to exclusive Wildflower Wednesday; a mid-week straight bunch market from dawn-dusk for only our Wildflower members here at the farm. 

- U-pick events at the farm; 3 events per year, one in spring, summer, and fall, dates dependent on weather and flower flushes, all club members will be notified at least two weeks in advance of event. Discounted bucket rates TBD dependent on seasonal crops.

So, you fancy flowers?

  • The Wildflower Club

    For Flower Lovers and Enthusiasts
    Valid for one year
    • 10% off all flower purchases
    • Access to exclusive mid-week market
    • Three seasonal U-pick events at the farm
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